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Thursday, 14 April 2016

Her Arabian Knight fantasy...

As I work in the financial industry, I tend to meet people from many different backgrounds as I often travel to Dubai or Doha for conferences or client business meetings. Usually when I touch down in these conferences, I often end up staying at hotels near the conference and lucky for me everything is all-inclusive paid by my work. This gives me excess cash to spend on the closest bar to grab as many drinks as possible before I head back to dry-Kuwait.

So, I land in Abu Dhabi this time and end up staying at the St Regis hotel. I wear my Dishdasha and traditional clothing gear, and end up going to my first client meeting. Generally, I end up meeting clients in smaller groups, but this was the first one-on-one meeting that I have experienced. As I walk in, I see a woman with beautiful blue eyes, long curly blonde hair, and she also wore a gorgeous black mini skirt with a blazer. I walk in and introduce myself, and I notice that she became nervous, and by accident started staring at my cock. 

I remain calm, collective, and cool, but deep-inside I knew that this girl was an absolute freak in the sheets. However, it was important to remain professional. We end up discussing our client meeting, but she seemed more nervous than usual. After the meeting was concluded, I ask if she wanted to grab drinks after the conference was done, she said "yes" as long as you keep on your dishdasha on. I ask her "Why, do you expect me to walk into a bar like this?" She replied "No, but you can have drinks with me at my place." 

I was a bit surprised and kind of uncovered why she was nervous. It's as if she seemed to have some sort of role-playing fantasy? I thought to myself OK, why not, see what she's all about.

The conference finishes, and blue-eyed Rachel is on my mind. I walk into her place, which seems to be Arabian themed (Arabian rugs, seats, fabrics, tea pots, etc). I didn't get it. I asked Rachel whether she was Arabic, and she replied "No, I'm from Ireland, but as you can see I'm obsessed with the Arabian cultures, Habibi." 

We proceed to the kitchen where she asks me if I would like some Wine, and ofcourse I never say no to wine. Her beautiful blue eyes kept gazing into mine, and we start laughing about how she accidentally stared at my cock when I first walked in. To my surprise, Rachel said that it wasn't really a surprise, and she sort of felt the urge to suck me while I was at the office meeting. Hearing those words got me super aroused and my erection rose through the roof, apparently it's hard to hide erections in Dishdashas, and this was quite clear. Rachel then grabbed my cock, hid below my dishdasha, and starting sucking on me like a lollipop. I was in heaven. I could hear Rachel moan as I grabbed her breasts and took off her bra, and eventually she ended up swallowing all of my cum, which ended up dripping all the way on her nipples. 

I ended up putting Rachel in the doggy position, with my Dishdasha clearly on, and I took the headgear part of the dishdasha and laid it on her neck. As I was penetrating her pussy from the back, I had the urge to spank her with my hands and at the same time place a finger up her ass. We ended up moving from the kitchen to the living room and from there I finally orgasm-ed in her vagina as we blissfully laid next to each other, clutching onto each other and kissing until the dawn. She told me that I was the Arabian Knight fantasy of her dreams, and something she had always desired finally came true.

Monday, 11 April 2016

The Tinder Era

We are officially in the "Tinder" era. Back in the day, it was MSN messenger for me. Then it developed into BBM. Then dating got fancy and introduced websites like POF and OK Cupid. Now, it's all about Tinder.

Prior to using Tinder, I often found it difficult to meet women in Kuwait and had to somehow rely on the natural way of meeting girls, which is through mutual friends or based on mere coincidences. Tinder has made it so easy for men and women to meet, socialize, have sex, whatever their goals are. That feeling when you get "It's a Match", it's like a bliss of euphoria! "Who could this person be?" Often, you end up being disappointed and just move on to the next match.

I have a success rate of almost 70% with getting a woman's phone number. But most of the time, it has ended up into nothing, or there have been some cases where I have been out on a date with the person, but somehow you just know it's not going to work out, so you stop pursuing it, or you just end up becoming friends. The kind of field I'm dealing with is fairly mixed. I've met some good women on Tinder, but most of them have trust issues and won't even give you a chance to meet them. For instance, there was one Lebanese/American mixed woman that I matched with. We had good chemistry, we vibed well, and I did the mistake of knowing everything about her on Watsapp and also telling her everything about me. But sooner than later, she became slow to reply to my text messages or from time to time she would flake out when I would ask her out for coffee/lunch. One thing I cannot stand is a "flaky" character, as I believe that it's similar to being a liar and not expressing your true feelings. Women whom I've spoken to complain about men being douchebags, players, or assholes, and I can only sympathize with them because no one deserves to be treated like dirt.

To be honest though, what Tinder has done is complicate the dating process even further. It's so easy to swipe left or right whenever you're bored, and keep your brain wired on different people. Loyalty doesn't exist anymore. I think the problem with Tinder in Kuwait though, from my perspective, is that women are generally afraid to go out for coffee or meet casually for a date. Second of all, dating in Kuwait is a complicated process where you can't really be yourself because it's not socially acceptable. If you vibe with someone, you should give them a chance and go out on a date. Don't be flaky, don't lie, don't talk to 10 different people at the same time. My 5 cents.

The apple cider vinegar bath

Rebecca was a blonde curly haired Canadian woman. Her personality was stellar, she was fun, vibrant, passionate about life, a school teacher for a living. It was my first time trying Tinder out, and I couldn't believe my luck as I've always had a thing for blondes.
Our chemistry was quite good in the beginning, we finally decide that it's time to meet up. I pick her up from her apartment in Hawally, somewhere near a butcher shop with lots of garbage laying around. The place smelled like chicken feathers. I decided to take her to this restaurant called Ubon. We sit, discuss life, and generally bonded well. Rebecca had some serious traumatic experiences in her life. Her ex-boyfriend in Turkey kidnapped her, raped her, and held her hostage for a week (before she somehow escaped).  She somehow ended up in Kuwait because she needed the cash, and felt like it would be a different experience for her.

On our second date, she invited me over to a Teacher's only party in Hawally. As soon as I walk in, the security guard tells me that I need to leave the Apartment, as they were clearly checking for IDs, and being Kuwaiti, I wasn't allowed inside. Somehow, I ended up bribing the security guard and he let me stay at the party. It was somewhat of an unusual party, felt like I was in a dormitory filled with western folks, and on top of that, there was no alcohol being served. Also, everyone was looking at me because I was the only Kuwaiti, and I didn't feel welcomed.

Eventually, we decide to go back to her place and chill on her rooftop. For a brief moment, we bonded closer, I looked into her eyes and gave her a kiss. The sad thing is, the kiss didn't quite do it for me. It was a weird feeling. So I move in for the kiss again, and still, I couldn't feel a tad bit of emotions. I thought to myself, "You like the girl, but why didn't you get turned on by the kiss?" I just couldn't understand it. I think her lips were dry at the time and there was no distinct taste from the kiss. I've kissed women who have smoked cigarettes before and have had better experiences.

Anyhow, eventually we end up in her apartment and we start kissing until we reach her bedroom. I untie her buttons as she unzips my jeans and proceeds to give me a blowjob. She gave some decent head and I ended up cumming in her mouth a few times and made her swallow it.

I start kissing on her body and proceed lower to her waist, as I was thinking about licking up her clit.
Unfortunately, I became very turned off from what I saw later. As I was about to go down on her (which is something I absolutely love doing), I noticed that her vagina was incredibly hairy. I don't mind a bit of hair, but I'm not a fan of big bushes. Anyway, I could have carried on, but another thing I noticed was this horrible tangent smell, as if something was left rotten in the fridge. I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to do, so I just grabbed a condom, proceeded to have sex while I was on top of her, and after going limp a few times, I finally came after 10 mins. It was the worst sexual experience of my life. I penetrated her in the missionary position while my eyes were fully closed (and the lights were closed too), and somehow became immune to the smell.

She asked me what was on my mind, as I looked like I had completely drifted away. I couldn't face the truth and tell her, so we decided to call it a night and I slept next to her. The following night, the smell got stronger and I could barely sleep.

Finally, I arrive home the next morning, I grab my crotch to smell my penis, and OMG the smell is still there. I googled "awful penis smell" and apparently it told me that I had to wash my cock in apple cider vinegar.  I place the vinegar in the bubble bath, and I sit there for an hour, pondering what on earth I had done. Thankfully, the smell went away, but the experience forever haunted me.

Rebecca texts me the next day, and I had to tell her that I won't be able to see her again because "I was not ready to be in a relationship." Actually, it made me look like the bad asshole who just used her for a one-night stand, and I probably should have told her the truth. I think next time something like this occurs, I'll just be entirely honest with the person. But the question is, what hurts more? The honest truth, or a 'white' lie?

What defines the perfect blowjob?

I was recently asked by a female friend to write about what defines the 'perfect' blowjob.

I think every person has their perception of what is perfect and what isn't, and what technique might work for one person, might not possibly work on another. First, let me start off with the turn-offs.

Turn offs:

  • TOO MUCH TEETH. Men are quite sensitive on their penile heads and any sort of teeth involvement would be immediately felt. It's happened to me before and it made me dread blow jobs for a while.
  • Friction, dryness, bad hygiene.

Turn Ons: 

  • Don't just give the blowjob for no reason, build up the sexual stimulation. Get into the foreplay, talk dirty to him, tease him by grabbing his cock, give him a brief lap dance.
  • I personally love when a woman can take a cock all the way up her mouth and gag (Deep-throat). If she can't deep throat, it's not the end of the world.
  • Spit on his cock. FRICTION hurts. Make sure his cock isn't dry. Oral lubrication is key.
  • Slurping sounds sexy. Make as many noises as you can, animal noises, moaning, heavy breathing, this all adds to the boner effect.
  • Eye contact is incredibly hot. Every once in a while, surprise your man and look into his eyes while you suck on him.

Sunday, 10 April 2016

An introduction to myself

I would describe myself as a mysterious individual, to the point where even I am perplexed as to what I represent in this life. But I believe it's better to have some sort of mystery about yourself rather than to be a painted canvas.

Born in Kuwait, raised in the UK, studied in the US and Canada, I guess you could say that I'm a globetrotter. I don't think I was meant to be living in this country, but then again no one is stopping me. Kuwait has a way of doing that to you, you just somehow become comfortable and lose ambition and end up falling into a "comfort" swamp.

I'm no Christian Grey, nor do I pretend to be like one. But I've always been fascinated with how women perceive men (whether they are Alpha Males, Nice Men, Or Douche Bags). I would say that I fall in between the category of Alpha and Nice. I haven't quite yet found my ideal personality type, yet in life I believe that you should always adjust your energies to the person that you're meeting. Although I'm not a firm believer of changing yourself to adapt to a person, nice men do always finish last. I'm not saying men should be douchebags, but women love men who are confident, in control, decisive, and have ambitions.Women want a gentleman, but don't confuse the gentleman with a nice guy. A nice guy is the kind of guy who throws a million compliments a day, never challenges your thought process, and basically nods his head to everything you say.

In the day-time, I'm a professional working in the Finance industry. I'm very ambitious about my career and have hopes of becoming a self-made millionaire some day. Although that might seem a bit far fetched for now, I do believe that I could be successful if I put my head into the right direction.

I've always been in and out of relationships since the day I could remember. I fall in love, become vulnerable, and then I end up taking forever removing all the reminisces of the past. My longest serving relationship was one year. I guess after experiencing heart ache so many times, you end up becoming numb to emotions or feelings. In a way, it's a good thing, as I do believe that it makes me less vulnerable and less susceptible to getting hurt.

I've had tons of experience with women in my life. I pretty much can read a woman like an open book now. Women are extremely complicated to read and will drive you absolutely mad, but the secret to seducing a woman is to treat her like a human being, it's that simple, regardless of how big her boobs are, or how gorgeous her face is. I see so many men here who treat women like objects before they even know them. It makes my job easier, because being an intellectual alpha gentleman is the way to go and racks up all the points for me.

Yours Truly,
50 Shades of Q8

Tuesday, 5 April 2016

She brought out my inner grey

I've always been a timid person...

Until I met "Em". In university, this vibrant american girl stood out at a house party. Her charm, wittiness, flamboyance, sense of humor were things that I found extremely attractive. Em was a Libra, and I'm a Cancer. On the charts, this is a hit or miss kind of relationship, where Libra's usually tend to demand more freedom/independence, are quite openly flirty and social, while Cancerians are humble, more sensitive and prefer to be out of the spotlight.

We were fun together, but casual nevertheless.

I decided to approach her first, we spoke and had many mutual interests in common, and soon enough I found myself getting her number. Before you know it, we leave to my place and end up watching a movie. She confessed to me that she was only looking for a part-time lover or a FWB. I've never pursued a FWB before, being a good/nice guy and all, this sounded so foreign to me. The thought of using a woman just for sexual encounters was completely something I wasn't accustomed to. I go in for the kiss, and we proceed to have sex. The first time we had sex, it wasn't so great, mainly due to me being so nervous. I had trouble maintaining my erection and then when I did, I came after 3 minutes! But something about her was quite hot, and she felt the same way about me. I'm glad Em had patience with me, because usually I'm nervous on my first sexual encounters, until the chemistry builds up and I start to become myself more. I was crazy about eating Em up, her white smooth skin and blonde hair were major turn-ons, and she always smelled fresh, sort of like a lemon breeze. In-fact, it became a routine, where I wouldn't get turned on unless I gave her oral or unless we had long foreplay sessions. 

Em was wild about sexual experiments and experiences. She told me all of her fantasies (well not all, but most), including: Voyeurism, Threesomes, and Toy-play. Being the timid guy that I usually was in bed, Em confessed to me once that I needed to become more dominate and aggressive with her (or basically, "man the fuck up"). For some reason, the fact that she was so open and honest about what she wanted turned me on even more as I believe that honesty in any relationship is important if you want to develop better chemistry. I'm ALL about pleasing. Em wanted me to pull her hair, spank her ass, bite her nipples, and tease her with my cock while calling her dirty names. Again, this sounded very foreign to me, I've never done anything like that before. We would usually have sex 4 times a day, sometimes in the kitchen, sometimes in the bathtub, maybe next to the window where the neighbors would see, we had no limits or restraints.

I decided to follow her desires of me becoming more dominate, and for the first time I made her orgasm during sex. I asked myself "wow, why was she hiding this all along? Is this what all women desire?" Em was moaning so loud, calling me master, and obeying all of my commands. For the first time, I felt powerful and it felt nice. Em and I decided to try more of her sexual desires. We had sex in the parking lot while it was snowing. I felt extremely nervous, I couldn't hold it up for the first 10 mins, but her blow jobs and comforting words were enough to keep me relaxed. However, I couldn't agree to having the threesome. This disappointed her deeply. One day while I was coming back from class from class,  I found her masturbating to pornography on my laptop. I ended up looking in the history pages (obviously), and it was porno movies involving 4 guys and 1 girl! For some reason, this upset me a lot, because I couldn't imagine the thought of her fucking other guys, even though she wanted me to be part of the experience.

Em: "I'm heartless, don't you get it?"

Truth is, it ended up going downhill from there. I think her sexual desires were quite intense, that even though I fulfilled most of them, I couldn't fulfill all of them. Like previously mentioned, Em had no limits and her sexual desires were eventually too much for me to handle. Em and I broke up and sooner than later she was with someone else. Em told me that she could never feel any emotions, except for sexual ones. Her last words were, "I'm like the kanye west song, heartless". Em truly was a heart breaker, or maybe I was the one who didn't follow the rules (probably the latter). Another favorite quote she had was, "I love them, and then I leave them."

But I learned a valuable life lesson, I became bolder, more confident, less critical about what I should and shouldn't do in the bedroom. I truly believe that in the bedroom, there should be no limits. If a person has desires or things they want, they should be upfront about it with their partners. Men can't read minds, maybe I can, but most men can't. I will say this though, outside of the bedroom, Em was quite elegant, sophisticated, extremely intelligent and someone I respected a lot. I don't entirely blame her for leaving me, but maybe I should have stuck to the rules.

The moral of the story is, 'generally speaking', women love a gentleman outside of the bedroom, and a dominant figure inside the bedroom. Do you agree or disagree?